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Ezekiel Taylor is the founder, and owner of Ezekiel Taylor Media & Studios LLC. We specialize in graphic design and web design for corporate businesses, small businesses, nonprofits, & religious organizations.


We have over 8 years of digital media experience. We specialize in web design and graphic design. We are an official Wix partner and we ensure that we design effective websites to the highest caliber.  


Every brand and organization, whether big or small, needs a professionally designed website, but professional website & graphic designers are not always easy to trust and easy to find. Most businesses do not know where to start and that is OK! We walk you through the process step by step. 


Our goal is to take care of your needs so your organization can focus on what matter the most.  We believe in creating long-lasting relationships so don't worry we won't leave you stranded once the design process is completed

Meet Ezekiel Taylor

Chief Executive Officer


Chief of Business & Operations

Gary Cooper is a business professional currently working on his MBA at The University of North Carolina at Pembroke. His business acumen excels in maintaining organizational structure within the company. His years of service to the company demonstrate his commitment to growing our values. His hard work and motivation thrive to bring ET Media and Studios beyond expectation.  

Meet Gary Cooper

Our Genesis


Ezekiel Taylor Media Studios was originally founded as ET Studios back in 2015. Ezekiel had a desire to create graphics for his own ministry but couldn't afford the cost of web design services. While he was paying for a web designer Ezekiel soon realized that he had a creative touch and could do it on his own. After multiple attempts of failures, start overs and trying again Ezekiel completed his first web client website, himself! He put the website on display and people began to ask "Can you do this for me?" and befe you know it ET Studios was in business. 

2019 - 2022 

In 2019 we continued to grow beyond our web and graphic design services. We took on multiple short and long term contracts such as Union Baptist Church Durham NC, Global Scholars Academy Durham NC, Mt. Sinani Baptist Church Durham NC, We Care We Share Community Enrichment Programs Durham NC, just to name a few. We've also provided our services to companies such as Moe's Southwest Grill, BMW, Out of the box interiors, By Faith We Good Ministries and more! With our continued growth our teams continues to expand and our resources are unlimited. We also became a official Wix partner from our extensive portfolio of web design services provided to our clients.


We are now a full time operating business. We provide  high quality graphic and web design services and a customer experience you'll never forget. We make first impressions lasting impressions because we design to the highest caliber. This year will plan to expand even further with our services and resources to our new and returning customers.

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