Love Letters From Our Clients

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"We're so glad we chose to work with UP Creative! They expertly guided us through our first mass marketing email campaign—all while taking the time to educate us on every step along the way."

—Michael Auerbach, Kinful

"Working with UP Creative proved to be a boon in elevating and measuring our social media campaigns for our February 2020 event. We saw a 43% uptick in overall attendance, with over 30% engaging with us for the first time.."

—Cara Jenkins, IMS Global

"UP Creative helped me to strengthen the clarity of my messaging and content in a dense analytic piece, created eye-popping graphics, and executed my launch flawlessly across multiple platforms—all with positive energy and good humor. I would highly recommend UP Creative for top-notch marketing work."

—Neal Johnson Associates, LLC

"We hired UP Creative to write a white paper on esports. They delivered a clean copy quickly. It was just what we wanted, so we hired them to do a series of blogs and case studies for us. We love working with UP Creative!"

—Kendra Luciano, Extreme Networks

UP Creative is our go-to partner for video creation. They are able to so quickly internalize your business and your unique value. They provide incredible support all along the way from scripting to strategy to research and execution. They stick with you every step of the way to help create videos that tell the exact story you want to tell. They are simply a joy to work with and the end results are so professional and beautiful. Thank you, UP Creative!

—Tracy Kleine, BetterLesson

"As someone with limited experience selling to K-12, Jen and Ellen put my company Moosiko on the fast track to getting brand awareness, press coverage, and customer introductions. They seem to be connected to just about everyone in the industry and on top of that, are a joy to work with. No one has their pulse on the K-12 industry more than they do. Any education startup would benefit immensely by working with them. "

—Dan Mascola, Moosiko

"I was downright miserable working for a car insurance company. UP Creative restored my dignity!"

—The Emu

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